Pre-Start Selections - Interior Decorating choices

Most people walk away from pre-selection meetings with a migraine as they approach them in completely the wrong way.

You will more than likely be ambushed about making unchangeable and on the spot decisions on your dream home.

I highly recommend not to go to one of these meeting with your selected builder without first having made all of these choices prior to the meeting. This is where we look at the project as a whole. It can be very overwhelming and intimidating.  There is a process which I will help you through, so you are confident in all of your choices. Quite often a Pre start selection meeting isn’t even required as we have already forwarding the builder a list of all selections made. Can you believe it!!!

Firstly we sit down and really determine what style of home you want. We want the outside to reflect in the Interior Design on the inside. The exterior choices are far fewer but vital. First Impressions are very important.

The Interior Design/Décor choices are huge. Floor treatments, painting schedule, window treatments, wet area tile sections, cabinetry, taps…. The list goes on. Time and thought needs to go into this way before pre-start.

Many people already have existing furniture that needs to be considered if not buying new. This can greatly effect items such as flooring treatments and painting schedule.

This process is harder than renovating. At least with renovating you have to stay with an Interior design that is mostly set in stone. With building you have an entire blank canvas with many choices.

Be pre-pared and confident knowing that you’ve given yourself time and decided to have guidance on these important choices.

For help with pre-start selections, give me a call on 0423 024 724 or send me a message through my contact page, and let's talk about your upcoming project!

I can help you make decor and styling selections before going into a meeting with your builder, preventing overwhelm and feeling pressured into choices by your builder you don't want or need.


On the second project, Lisa managed the whole project from ideas, design and through to styling the finished product. Lisa listened to my brief and was able to translate my ideas into 2 beautiful rooms. She offered suggestions and practical ideas to make the rooms flow well, and her knowledge and experience was invaluable.

~ Carolyn Bright