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When Lisa first presented the concept boards to me I was astonished at how skilfully she was able to translate my ideas into reality. For anyone considering an Interior Designer or Decorator in Perth, you must first speak to Lisa, there will be no need to speak with anyone else

Dr Catherine Civil, Wattle Grove, Perth

A small selection of my work

Understandably, not all of my clients want their houses on display for the world to see, but I have managed to secure some photos of my work to show you, as after all, a picture speaks a thousand words! Below are just a few images of my interior design work, you can see more transformations on my before and after photos page here.

More about my approach to projects

I see frequently see frustration and confusion when clients come to me about their interior re-designs. They've often tried to do it themselves and they're usually on the verge of giving up. It’s very difficult for most people who usually only ever build 1 or 2 houses in their lifetime, or who decide to undertake a home renovation (which usually ends in feelings of "We are NEVER doing that again!") to know where to start, where to go, who to get help from (and equally who to avoid!)

Myself on the other hand - I deal with this work day in and day out. I know that the lounge has to work with the floor which compliments the paint colours and needs to match the window treatment whilst ensuring a cohesive relationship between the dining table and TV unit. It’s easy for me, I love it, I love working with the families I help and I’m good at it.

I'm different from other interior designers in Perth, because unlike a lot of other Interior Designers who come up with a whole lot of stuff, present it and then expect you to just like and be happy with it first go, I feel I am able to spot when my clients are not quite happy with a choice that's been made - say an upholstery fabric for a new lounge suite. The answer is to keep looking until the design choices are perfect, and persistence is another of my stronger qualities :)

I work side by side with my clients carefully guiding them. Many clients often say “I don’t know what I like” but in actuality they do, and usually its quite obvious to me - we just need to work together to tease it out. I can then hone in and make the selections a lot easier for them.

I have every contact that is needed in Perth in regards to Interior Decorating selections. I also have the answer to that dreaded question, “who do we use for that kitchen Reno”! All of my contacts have been tried and tested over the years on many, many projects. But of course, if you have a favourite electrician I’m more than happy to work with them as well.

A lot of people find it difficult to picture what a finished space will be like. But over years of experience with interior design and homewares, I can picture a whole house finished in my mind based on your needs and specifications. Then it’s my job to communicate that vision to you and bring it to life. And that’s when the fun starts.

If you'd like to talk to me today for a no obligation introductory session, give me a call on 0423 024 724, or email me through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Large collection of homewares also available

I'm in a quite a unique situation when it comes to Perth-based interior designers / decorators, as for many years I ran a huge homewares warehouse. I love helping people find unique decorations to spice up their interior spaces, and have all the right connections to find the perfect piece for the space we are creating together. Choose from my standard range, or ask me about something totally unique.

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