Did you know we are DOG Friendly?

Winston has been part of the staff for 10 years now.

Its been an interesting journey, I decided to bring him as a young pup primarily because he use to lie at the gate waiting for me to return home, even though someone was home. I was a little concerned as we offer High quality Furniture & Interior Design Services. I shouldn't have been concerned as he has become part of the Furniture !

I believe dogs in the workplace, schools, retirement homes are extremely beneficial. Obviously not all dogs are suited to these environments but  the ones who are can have  a tremendous effect on the attitudes of people.

We are living in highly stressful times. There's nothing quite like the wag of a little tail to make the day feel better. Studies show that Dogs provide stress reductions, social support, improve performance & increase social interactions.

I have found that having Winston in my Furniture Showroom has brought people into the business, drops people natural guards and creates a relaxed environment.

He is often seen sunning himself outside, sitting on the Benches or off visiting one of the other Business in our beautiful Mall. I dare say he would have to be the most well known & loved dog in Kalamunda. He has even made friends with Ian the local postie. Scooters have never been at the top of Winston's list of favorite things, but maybe Winston has started to chill out where these noisy beasts are concerned.

In the past Winston has received many Christmas presents, treats and even had a Post card sent from Hawaii from a customer!

Winston celebrates his 11th Birthday in January and continues his role as CEO at Allure Interiors.

Please stop in with or without your own Furry Friend for a pat and a Hello.