Before and After Images

Understandably not everyone I work for wants me to share photos of their houses, but here are some examples of previous work that clients have generously let me share online. 

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Changing an 80s leather lounge for a WA made quality lounge in a Warwick fabric makes for a far more interesting room. Then softened with sheer curtains and a stylish glass coffee table.

This client had a huge bedroom and didn’t know where to start. She wanted a wow factor and I was happy to give it to her.

Starting with the focal point - wallpaper selections are show to client on site.

French Boudoir was the brief here. All aspects of a bedroom need to be considered. Decisions need to be made as to what the focal point needs to be.

Great to have a different texture on the wall. Especially with a French theme where texture is important.


This bare alcove was crying out for something special. A fireplace in a Master bedroom makes for a very Luxurious look. A co-ordinating wall paper was used.


This main entry is 8 mtrs at its highest point. The client really needed guidance with an entry this size. It was very tired and needed new life.

This living area was not only very large and plain it had high ceilings. Changing a low back plain leather lounge suite to a comfy high back with colour and pattern created a focal point and made all the difference.

Using high vases on the dining table helps fill in the space.

Finer detailing in a rug chosen to blend with the lounge, but subtle enough not to trump the lounge suite. All smaller accessories compliment the finished look.


This blank wall needed finishing, I felt the use of more Marri would be too much so I used this beautiful Mirrored Buffet.

Matching fabric swatch to carpet.

This study was “the room where all the junk lives”. Instead of the beautiful study it was meant to be.


Sometimes less is more!












This tired old kitchen really needed a facelift!

The brief was Hamptons, clean lines but not too boring.  I searched high and low before finding these gorgeous black marble tiles with a white vein running through them. 







Like what you see?

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