Interior Design for New Builds

I love nothing more to get in on the early stages of the design process. Having a passion for solar passive design and architecture I provide a third-party opinion in the house planning project.

I like to look at the functional side of the design and offer suggestions sometimes not thought of by architects as I’m looking at the home from a different angle. I’m more than happy to work with yourselves and the architects.

A mistake quite often made when building is rushing into decisions that cannot easily be undone.

Choices for the external area of the home are never ending. We need to make sure all of these are not rushed but carefully considered. We need to make to external design of the home flow into the Internal Interior choices.

The hundreds of choices that make up the home can be overwhelming and need to be correct for the Interior décor to work cohesively. If you know how to do this, it’s quite an easy and pleasant experience.

I had no idea of how to put ‘ things ‘ together. I sort of knew what I loved and that’s it. After meeting with you, I immediately felt you were able to tune into my taste, you were able to show me visually (as I am not a very visual person) choices in fabrics, paint colours, blinds, even flooring choices, that I could see would go together and they have, beautifully. The added touches you suggested too put the final touch to it all. I love my home. Every time I walk in it brings me joy.
Ramona Altinier

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